With being the so called representative of a

With being the so called representative of a tradition created by a culture, it would only make sense that you would have to understand fully everything dealing with what your involved in. Sometimes the experience that comes with the tradition, which is this case is known as “twerking” has parts in the evolution of the specific tradition that isn’t as bright or easy going as what gets represented through the media for the viewers to enjoy. With that being said who gets to decide who representes twerking as a tradition?

Does it matter who represents the tradition?

Is it fair for someone to earn gratitude for something that they aren’t officially a part of, reap more promising benefits from it because of their position in society?

what happens to those who only know that tradition? Knowing that its the only way of life for certain people, would it be okay for someone to be able to drop by and leave whenever they aren’t as interested in it anymore? what happens to those limited to that tradition and way off life?  


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